Autumnal Equinox 2010 Is Part of a Grand Cross With a Full Moon in Aries


In 2010, make sure you are more conscious about keeping money in order. Keep some for the on going days, but also hang onto some for the now.


Health is number one priority now – Be more careful about what you put into your body and how you keep yourself fit. We are not talking about losing weight – it is time to put more care into your physical health.


Get that “To Do List” finished already! – No matter what the list is, get it done. You know its been a while. Procrastination seems to be a monkey on your back. Get the monkey off.


Your plans for the New Year may not seem to go the way you want them to. Trust in yourself that these negatives and challenges are just part of your journey, and the obstacles will provide means for you to achieve your goals faster.


Turn every negative opportunity into a positive challenge. This year, you should discover yourself with much inspired energy, so, take advantage of this incredible strength and put it into good use.


In 2010, it seems as if that trip is in order. You know?, the trip you have been putting off? A fun filled vacation awaits you and you most definitely deserve it. Have fun and when you return, you will be recharged for a better year than ever.


For this new year, the appreciation of others and their thoughtfulness should be recognized more. Especially your loved ones and those closest to you. Do it with pure heart intended and do not expect anything in return. It will come as long as you are genuine.


Try not to over-work this year. It will make you ill and unhappy. Try to spend more time with family and loved ones. When at work, focus on your duties and not about the clock for leaving. When your leisure time arrives, enjoy it and do not think about your work ethics or duties. Remember, balance is the key.


Become more open this year to meet new people – Who knows, they may eventually become great new friends. Stay more cheerful and more cheerful things will come your way. Surround yourself with happier people. A bright 2010 is in store for you.

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Learn to appreciate and value trust that others give to you. Hold back and take a breath before you share any information. Consider what may happen from your actions. You will soon see that more and more people are trusting every word out of your mouth and listening more to what you are really saying.


Patience is a virtue. Especially for you in this new year. – when you are being patient and kind to others, remember to be kind and patient to yourself as well. Having a patient and kind self-awareness will lead you to better enjoyment of the good things that surround you.