Midnight Jazz And Sunset Melodies From The vivo V20


The vivo V20 is formally launched on September 30, 2020. The smartphone comes in a size of 160.3 x 75.6 x 8.5 mm and weights 170 grams. It features a dual SIM (Nan- SIM, single stand-by) and the screen’s resolution is 1080 x 1920 pixels. The phone has a built-in fingerprint sensor and also offers a virtual keyboard.

The vivo V20 has an all glass body. The sides are made of smooth curves while the front has an illuminated fingerprint scanner and camera housing. There is a slot for data storage in the SIM tray. The rear has a power/sleep button and also there is a slot for USB Type-C port. The phone has a brushed aluminum frame. The battery is located under the battery compartment.

The all-glass, dual-core screen of the vivo V20 offers good brightness and contrast. The color accuracy of this handset is quite good and it looks vibrant and crisp on the screen. The battery life of this smartphone is commendable. The battery life of the smartphone can last up to talk time. The life of this device is about six hours when on average brightness is used.

The front camera of the vivo v20 has an 8 MP camera with image stabilization. The rear camera has a 5 MP sensor and also it has a flashcharge. The connectivity options in the photo share interface include wifi and gps. One can upload images to the social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn using the wifi browser.

The connectivity options in the multimedia rich feature packed phone of the vivo v20 include wifi, gps and also bluetooth. wifi can be used to access the internet and to download apps and games from the google play store. It also enables to connect to the internet using the wifi network while driving the car. The two cameras of this smartphone have been equipped with digital zoom, enabling the users to capture the moving scenes of the road. The auto focus on the video shot is also an impressive achievement. vivo v20

This smartphone offers unique features like a flashlight, a camera, a bar code scanner, a thermometer, an alarm clock, and a clock. A daylight mode enables the user to turn off the Night Glow feature. This feature uses the moonlight sonata algorithm to turn off the auto-focus. The sunlight mode can be used to increase the battery life of the vivo v20 by about ten percent. In this manufacturer’s latest handset, the midnight jazz and sunset melody also features inbuilt songs.